Gayle Carney's portrayal of Francine/Lena in Clybourne Park ranked as one of 2016's best performances in plays and ensembles in community theatres in DC/MD/VA by DCMetro Theater Arts. Link


"Gayle Carney stood out in both acts, as she captured both the subtext and deportment. In Act I, as Francine, we could see her "double consciousness" just bursting at the seams, as she had to "stay nice" no matter how intolerable, or insensitive, the situation became. In Act II, with the neighborhood now "her neighborhood", her Lena no longer had to play nice, at least not for long. She took the gloves off and her "jokes" could be as offensive as anyone else's."

- Robert Michael Oliver,, on performance in Clybourne Park Link


"This melodramatic performance is unlike any rendition of Medea you've ever seen. Playing the title character is Gayle Carney and she captivated the audience with her uniquely inspired body language, heavily interpreting all of her woes into gestures. The insanity of being caught up in Medea's headspace translated into Carney's performance throughout, between the grief and fury, tied into the modern references cleverly placed by Durang in her dialogue. The lines she delivered relating to Private Lives were hilarious and she tells it like it is for everything else."

- Amanda Gunther,, on performance in Deranged Durang


"...the heart of the show belongs to Rhonda Gayle Carney as the perennially philosophizing Miss Leah , crotchery at times, uproarious at others. An intermission conversation with seatmates that one had years back seen Ruby Dee perform this role; Carney was more than holding her own, even against such august competition."

- Matt Reville, Staff writer for the Sun Gazette, on performance in the theatrical production Flyin' West


"...Eunice Evers was the nurse who took care of the boys for many years in Alabama. She was played by Rhonda Gayle Carney. Again, it was a great performance. The emotion that she displayed towards the boys when she began to realize that this may not be the best thing for them was really powerful and moving."